A Moms Life

Hi, this is my first time ever writing a blog. Now even sure how to do it, but one thing is for sure is that I feel like I have a lot to say and some of it may even be helpful to others. Who knows?!? I am a mom of two awesome kiddies, a 10 yr old girl and a 6 yr old boy. They are my world….besides my hubby whom I love very much also. I’m just a normal mom who sometimes feels I have more to offer. Don’t get me wrong, I know that I am very blessed to have all that I have, I also just want to be heard for other things. The one thing that I absolutely love to do is cooking. I am happy when I am in the kitchen. My husband says I’m a great cook and I have been complimented many times. I have often thought about writing a blog about different recipes and possibly helping other moms fit cooking into their daily, hectic schedule. I am very organized, at least I like to think so. My house is organized, but just stay away from my bedroom closet. That is off limits, lol. I  would totally write about anything pertaining to being a parent. I hope that someone reads this and can relate. Maybe someone can even give a few pointers on how to do this blogging thing.  So let’s talk kids first. What’s your thoughts on the appropriate age to let you children have access to social media? From Instagram, facebook, Twitter and whatever else is out there that I may not know about. I think my daughter is too young for any of it, but I know people disagree with me. So let me know your thoughts. I am so looking forward to connecting with others.

Hopefully there is someone who understands how I feel as a new blogger and can possibly guide me.

Thank you,